chortens in the markha valley
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and the surrounding area

This is Leh from the top of a nearby hill. The Polo Ground is clearly visible in the foreground. In the distance are the Stok mountains with Stok Kangri, the highest peak in the range at 6123m. The River Indus flows along the fertile valley in the middle distance and the airport can be seen on the right of the picture. Click for a larger image
Click for a larger image Another view look further to the left. The colourful Buddhist prayer flags dominate every place of significance - hill and mountain tops, passes, entrances to villages, the tops of buildings to name but a few.
This is Leh Bazaar, the main street in the town, it's a hive of activity as you can see. The right hand side of the street is lined with local women selling fresh produce. Click for a larger image
Click for a larger image Stu signs that we want eight apples from a Ladakhi trader in the Bazaar.
This is a typical local street in what's called Old Leh, the original part of the town. Many of the streets are narrow like this and there are often walkways passing through and even under houses and other buildings. Click for a larger image
Click for a larger image This is a view looking towards Leh from the Kardung La road pass. It shows the dramatic variation in the landscape between the arid mountains and fertile valleys that so typifies the area. The Stok range can again be seen in the distance. Our trek crossed the mountains before heading along a valley behind for several days and crossing back to the near side of the range.
A superb place to relax in the afternoon sun, a monastery above Leh affording excellent views of the town and surrounding area. Click for a larger image

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